Proceedings of the EPDIC Conferences are distributed to all registered Conference participants. In order to guarantee a world-wide distribution and availability, the Proceedings of the Conferences EPDIC1 to EPDIC8 have been published in the journal Materials Science Forum by Trans Tech Publications (TTP). The Proceedings of the Conferences EPDIC9 to EPDIC11 have been published as supplement of Zeitschrift fur Kristallographie by Oldenbourg Verlag; for the following event, EPDIC12, the proceedings appeared in the Proceedings section of the same Journal. Starting on EPDIC13 the proceedings are published on the Journal of Powder Diffraction, edited by the ICDD-CUP.

Published volumes:

EPDIC-1Materials Science Forum79-82pp 9751991R. Delhez & E.J. Mittemeijer
EPDIC-2Materials Science Forum133-136pp 9581993R. Delhez & E.J. Mittemeijer
EPDIC-3Materials Science Forum166-169pp 8061994R. Delhez & E.J. Mittemeijer
EPDIC-4Materials Science Forum228-231pp 9081996R. Cernik, R. Delhez & E.J. Mittemeijer
EPDIC-5Materials Science Forum278-281pp 9441998R. Delhez & E.J. Mittemeijer
EPDIC-6Materials Science Forum321-324pp 11542000R. Delhez & E.J. Mittemeijer
EPDIC-7Materials Science Forum378-381pp 8162001R. Delhez & E.J. Mittemeijer
EPDIC-8Materials Science Forum443-444pp 4222004Y. Andersson, E.J. Mittemeijer & U. Welzel
EPDIC-9Zeit. fur Kristallogr. Suppl.23pp 6182006R. Kuzel, E.J. Mittemeijer & U. Welzel
EPDIC-10Zeit. fur Kristallogr. Suppl.26pp 6162007R. Cerny, J. Rius & U. Welzel
EPDIC-11Zeit. fur Kristallogr. Suppl.30pp 4952009B. Palosz, J. Rius & U. Welzel
EPDIC-12Zeit. fur Kristallogr. Suppl.1pp 4922011H. Fuess, P. Scardi & U. Welzel
EPDIC-13Powder Diffraction28S22013P. Bordet, M. Brunelli & P. Scardi
EPDIC-14Powder Diffraction30S12015J.-E. Jorgensen, M. Brunelli & P. Scardi
EPDIC-15Powder Diffraction32S12017A. Altomare, M. Brunelli & P. Scardi
EPDIC-16Powder Diffraction34S12019M. Brunelli, R. Cernik & P. Scardi
EPDIC-17Powder Diffraction(*)2022

(*) proceedings have not been produced