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Past and Future Conferences

 EPDIC-1, Munich, Germany.                        14-16 March 1991 Chairman: Dr. H.E. Goebel
 EPDIC-2, Enschede, The Netherlands. 30 July-1 August 1992 Chairman: Dr. T.W. Ryan
 EPDIC-3, Vienna, Austria.                     25-28 September 1993 Chairman: Prof. A. Preisinger
 EPDIC-4, Chester, UK.                                     10-14 July 1995 Chairman: Dr. R.J. Cernik
 EPDIC-5, Parma, Italy.                                     25-28 May 1997 Chairman: Prof. G. Artioli
 EPDIC-6, Budapest, Hungary.                     22-25 August 1998 Chairman: Prof. T. Ungar
 EPDIC-7, Barcelona, Spain.                            20-23 May 2000 Chairman: Prof. J. Rius
 EPDIC-8, Uppsala, Sweden.                           23-26 May 2002 Chairman: Dr. I.G.R. Tellgren
 EPDIC-9, Prague, Czech Republic.          2-5 September 2004 Chairman: Prof. R. Kuzel
 EPDIC-10, Geneva, Switzerland.             1-4 September 2006 Chairman: Dr. R. Cerny
 EPDIC-11, Warsaw, Poland.                   8-22 September 2008 Chairman: Prof. B. Palosz
 EPDIC-12, Darmstadt, Germany.                27-30 August 2010 Chairman: Prof. H. Fuess
 EPDIC-13, Grenoble, France.                   28-31 October 2012 Chairman: Dr. P. Bordet
 EPDIC-14, Aarhus, Denmark                          15-18 June 2014 Chairman: Dr Jens-Erik Jorgensen
 EPDIC-15, Bari, Italy.                                      12-15 June 2016 Chairman: Dr Angela Altomare
 EPDIC-16, Edinburgh, Scotland                           1-4 July 2018 Chairman: Prof. Paul Attfield
 EPDIC-17, Sibenik, Croatia                     30 May-3 June 2022 Chairman: Dr. Jasminka Popovic
 EPDIC-18, Padova, Italy             30 August-2 September 2024 Chairman: Dr Rosanna Rizzi