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EPDIC Committee (EPDiCom)

A permanent EPDIC Committee was established during EPDIC-6 in Budapest, and is periodically renewed following established rules. Turnover is important to guarantee active participation and inclusion of all topics and skills relevant to powder diffraction.
The background, reasons and procedures for the establishment of EPDiCom were extensively discussed prior to EPDIC-6. Interested people can refer to any member for information and proposals

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The members of the EPDIC Committee (EPDiCom) after EPDIC-15 are:

    A. Altomare, Bari, Italy
   P. Attfield, Edinburgh, Scotland
   N. Audebrand, Rennes, France
    P. Bordet, Grenoble, France
    M. Brunelli, Grenoble, France
    RJ. Cernik, SRS, Daresbury, UK - Vice-Chairman
    WIF David, ISIS, Oxon, UK
    M. Dopita, Prague, Czech Republic
     AN. Fitch, ESRF, Grenoble, France
    A. Guagliardi, Bari, Italy
    KMO. Jensen, Copenhagen, Denmark
    JE. Jorgensen, Aarhus, Denmark
    A. Kern, Bruker AXS, Karlsruhe, Germany
    A. Kremenovic, Belgrade, Serbia
    I. Margiolaki, Patras, Greece
    A. Neels, Dubendorf, Switzerland
   G. Nenert, PANalytical, Almelo, The Netherlands
   J. Popovic, Zagreb, Croatia
    W. Paszkowicz, Warsaw, Poland
    D. Rafaja, Freiberg, Germany
    G. Rousse, Paris, France
    P. Scardi, Trento, Italy - Chairman
    O. Vallcorba, Barcelona, Espana
    P. Whitfield, Ottawa, Canada

The informal set of rules indicating the scope and operation of the EPDIC Committee is listed, albeit please note that they might be subject to changes in the near future following in-depth discussion of the Committee and suggestions from the powder diffraction community.

Please note that the EPDIC Committee is meant to represent all scientific aspects of powder diffraction and the regional distribution of powder diffractionists in Europe. Suggestions and comments from all powder scientists in order to make the Committee more representative and complete are welcome and may be made at any time, either informally to the above members or formally to the Chairman:

    Prof. Paolo Scardi
    Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering
    University of Trento
    via Mesiano 77,   38123 Trento (Italy)
    Tel.: +39 04612824 17 / 67 / 77 / 26
    Fax: +39 0461281999

The EPDiCom is now in the position of interacting with other organizations concerned fully or in part with powder diffraction. Mutual collaboration with the European Crystallographic Association has been ensured through the establishment of the ECA Special Interest Group on Powder Diffraction (SIG-8), which is identical in composition with the EPDIC Committee.

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